‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’. A Deeply Disturbing Fairy-tale Fallacy for Women Everywhere.


I must admit I was pretty excited to hear about the third installment of the Bridget Jones saga. Firstly because I have always, like Bridget, pined for Colin Firth in my heart of hearts. Who wouldn’t? Also because the character of Bridget felt so relate-able to the average woman.

Most women have a little Bridget in them. Clumsy, bad fashion faux-pas, terrible luck with men, embarrassing moments with family/work/other, fat days, bad hair days, dreaming of the unattainable Dream-Man, bad-boy dilemmas, feeling left behind etc etc.

I’m sure most women at some stage have reached the inevitable day when they also sing “All by Myself” at the top of their lungs and cry into their pillow watching something totally lame on TV. After watching the very cringe-worthy sequel “Edge of Reason”, I was sure that the third could only get better. I was wrong. So wrong.

Yes, it was nice to see the familiar faces, and see the bad-boy/playboy Daniel finally meet his maker(he was SUCH a little shit after all) but the ending really disturbed me.

After having her 10-year relationship with the Divine Mr Darcy fizzle out, finding she was stranded between Darcy and a gorgeous billionaire, becoming pregnant in her mid-40s, the movie seemed to be pushing that the traditional 1950s type nuclear family of man-wife-kids was a thing of the past. Single Mothers and Blended families were now “the thing”. Or that’s the way it seemed to be heading at least.

The ending where Bridget walks up the aisle to the handsome billionaire holding her baby who is then eclipsed instead by her new husband, Mr Darcy who is also ACTUALLY also the REAL father of her baby ……just made me cringe.

C’mon. Really?
So what WAS the moral point of this story? 1) Be a career woman. 2) Forget about getting married/having kids. 3) Fall pregnant by accident. 4) End up with man of your dreams AND have his baby or in other words FAIRYTALE ENDING.

Sorry, but I call BULLSHIT on this.

Rarely does this happen in real life. I know as this personally happened to me 4 years ago. I had come out of a 6 year relationship and had a gunshot marriage to a younger man. We got pregnant immediately and there was a paternity war with my ex and my current guy. It ended in tears. Marriage soon over. Baby gone. Followed by depression, isolation and becoming a crazy cat-lady. Only now I have found love again and am slowly recovering from a terrible 4 years of pain and hardship.

This Disney-ending is not real and gives women a dangerous illusion of happiness. Maybe for a few very lucky women but so many marriages that fail and are over within a few years. Women who put careers first, often find they are infertile and alone after their mid-30s/40s. Rarely do you end up with Mr Right after years of trying to pin a man down. Usually they just get tired and run off with another woman.

Single mothers in Australia are under the poverty-line and struggling to raise their kids alone. Divorce and Blended Families are now the norm, not the stereotypical traditional family structure.

I ask you: Where are the handsome Billionaires and Mr Darcy’s who are fighting in line to marry you and make babies with you? Does this happen tothe average woman in her mid-to-late 30s & 40s? Hmmm…I wonder.

Never say never, but I’m not holding my breath.


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